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Why should I spend money for 1-800-CLOGGED?

Toll-free numbers enable you to create a brand that people will remember, just like 1-800-FLOWERS. Research has consistently shown that customers are 14 times more likely to remember vanity numbers than normal phone numbers

How do I get 1-800-CLOGGED to ring at my office?

We work with a leading-edge telecommunications provider and they take care of the rest. You tell us the area codes you work in and how much area (example: counties) you want the number to cover. For example: let’s say you work in Chicago and you want to receive every call from everyone who calls 1-800-CLOGGED from the 773 area code. Our telecom provider will automatically route every call made to 1-800-CLOGGED from the 773 area code to your office.

Do I need a new phone line?

No. Our technology automatically routes all calls to your existing phone number (or any number you choose!). Best of all, the routing is transparent to the callers. They dial the toll-free number and your office answers, that’s it!

What Other Services does 1-800-CLOGGED Provide?

In addition to the exclusive rights to use 1-800-CLOGGED in your area, we provide the following benefits:

Call Detail Reports

These reports show the time, date, and length of each call. Additional fields include caller’s telephone number, city, and state.


Our customers benefit from the 1-800-CLOGGED Website that we maintain with updated content, graphics, and search engine optimization.

The Website will not only provide an advertising presence on the Internet, it will also be a source of leads. Customers will use our Provider Locater Page to find your business after entering their Zip Code.

Marketing Advantages

Our marketing plan contains specifications for advertising your 1-800-CLOGGED phone number on: Newspaper and Print Ads, Truck signs, Trade Association Newsletters, Trade Show Booths, and other items. This is to your benefit, as 1-800-CLOGGED has existing relationships and can buy this marketing ‘signage’ in large quantities and will in turn transfer that savings onto you.

Networking Relationships

1-800-CLOGGED currently works with nationwide chain-stores and Property Management companies. These Property Management companies handle both residential and commercial shopping centers. When one of these chain-stores or Property Management companies needs service, they will review the preferred list of 1-800-CLOGGED vendors and may choose to contact you for business.

What are the costs?

Monthly fees begin as low as *Contact Us for special pricing in your area*. The only other cost is the per-minute charge for the calls that varies depending on your location.

How long is the agreement? Could I ever lose the number?

The initial agreement is a 1-year special offer. Please, contact Us for the special pricing in your area. We can never cancel your rights to your 1-800-CLOGGED toll-free number unless you stop paying your bill. That means it is yours to keep for as long as you want.

After the initial 1-year offer, the price can continue as is or vary upon the size of the population in your defined territory.

I’m ready to sign-up. What do I have to do to secure the rights to 1-800-CLOGGED in my area codes?

Great!! Call 1-800-CLOGGED now to speak with our courteous and knowledgeable staff.

Welcome to the 1-800-CLOGGED Family! We are certain that your membership will help you dramatically increase sales and profits.